LearnCards Game Description:
Learn cards is the first game that I independently developed. The idea was taken from actual cards with animals’ pictures which I had been showing to my son. I noticed he had really liked this game. Eventually I got tired of repeating the names and realized that I do not know the sounds that half of these animals make, so I decided to create this Android Phone application (That would work on my HTC Desire).

At first there were only Animals gallery, in the 1.0 final version I added 3 more galleries: Fruits, Shapes, Vehicles.
In the 1.0 version I also added 6 more languages to the 2 that Learn Cards had. 

I owe many thanks to Yael Hasson that designed my new look and feel, its look really great now.

Blog posts:
Learn Cards 1.0
More then 5000 Downloads!
0.9.7 update


Features, Basic version:
Fisrt version date: 10.12.2010, Cost: Free
1.0 version date: 26.11.2011, Cost: Free

1. Learning - go through the animal images and listen to their names and the sound they make.
2. Recognition game – Use animal sounds hints to choose the correct image from 4 possibilities.
3. Puzzle - Put together a 4 parts puzzle of your favorite animal.
4. 4 Galleries: Animals with sounds, Fruits, Shapes, Vehicles with sounds.
5. 8 Language options.
6. Add your own galleries in a really simple way.

Link to the market.

Tested devices: HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire, HTC Legend