Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Learn Cards is on Android market


Finally after having some issues with android market, i uploaded LearnCards!
I owe a special thanks to my brother, Grisha Shafran, that helped me a lot with the texts. And to mmace from http://androidcommunity.com forum that has tested it on his device and gave me some ideas and feedback.

You can find it by searching Learn Cards.
Or by scanning this barcode:


Monday, November 29, 2010

choosing a logo

After some not so nice attempts to create some logos for my "company" (hurts to look at them) and a lot of time in front of Photoshop (not my strongest side) i finally got some result.
This article helped me to get the final result: How to make an awesome logo
First attempts:

Final result (something you can actually look at):

Simple yet, not only text and i am pretty pleased with the results.
I will stop at this one for my first program and it may evolve later.

And this one will be the Learn Cards logo:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

About me

Currently living and working in Israel (Bat-Yam/Tel-Aviv).

Studying in Holon Academical Institute (HIT) for B.Sc in computer science.

My day job for about the last 3 years is Java Core developer/manager for NeoCam (web based video surveillance ).
I started to take interest in programing when i was in high school, and learned much since.

Now I am taking advantage of my free time to focus on mobile development, in this blog/site you will read about the projects I am working on, and some tips that I can spare.
Fell free to contact me at evgeni.shafran@gmail.com or post a comment here.

Evgeni Shafran

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