Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learn Cards 1.0 is on market!

Finally its here Learn Cards 1.0. ( links to be found here )

In this version I changed most of the look and fill of the program.
I also added support to another 7 languages!

And I also added 3 more galleries to choose from, learn cards is no longer all about Animals, now you can choose from Animals with sounds, Fruits, Shapes and Vehicles with sounds.

The award screen looks much better now, and it purpose changed, instead of reviling puzzle pieces you now win Golden Owls, and collect them till you get the golden trophy.

I couldn't done it without Yael Hasson help, you can see her work here, if you looking for a good designer, look no further.

Yael also created my new logo: (Yapp - yavji applications)

What do you think?